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Revolutionizing CRA Compliance Trainings
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Introducting the First Ever Compliance Certification Program for CRAs

All In Compliance presents the Compliance Certification Program for consumer reporting agencies-

The best and only way to train your staff on CRA compliance. Now is the time to give your compliance staff and management personnel the proper training they need to fulfill data security obligations, reseller requirements, industry regulations and more.

Multiple Tiers Available

Individual Compliance Certification

Awarded to an individual upon completion of the program. The Individual Compliance Certification Seal may be used in personal business networking.

Enterprise Compliance Certification

Awarded to an organization once all compliance and management staff have completed the training. Accredited CRAs may use the enterprise seal for general marketing purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Program:

This training course contains 13 separate modules, each with its own compliance-related topic.  The course is designed for anyone in a compliance or management role, and provides comprehensive information on CRA compliance.  

      The course is delivered online through an interactive learner management system (LMS).  Ultimately the time spent will depend on how quickly the student proceeds through the interactivity, but the student will need approximately 6-7 hours to complete the course in its entirety. The student is not obligated to complete the course in one sitting- they may log in and out as they wish, and the program will resume where the student left off.  

While the Compliance Certification Program does contain several references to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, it is not intended to replace other industry FCRA Certifications.
The cost of the Compliance Certification Program is $495.00 per student. A 5% discount per student is applied when 10 or more logins are purchased.
The Compliance Certification Program is the comprehensive program; it contains 13 modules and a 40-question assessment at the conclusion of the course. The consumer dispute course is a module within the larger program, and is offered as a stand-alone course for CRA staff that interact with consumers and process disputed information. The consumer dispute module sells for $47.00 per login.
All students who have passed the assessment testing are provided with the Individual Seal of certification. This may be used for personal branding purposes. The Enterprise Seal is only available to an organization which demonstrates it has certified all its compliance and management personnel.
All certifications are valid for one year. A re-certification course will be released in the summer of 2021. This is a shorter course with any applicable industry updates to the original training material. All students will be notified of their upcoming need for recertification, and the notification will provide instructions on becoming recertified.
Enrollment is simple. All interested parties should visit and select “enroll” from the top navigation bar. Once selected, the interested party must answer a few brief questions on who is enrolling. One team member can enroll many students. The next step is to proceed to the payment page where a credit card or Pay Pal may be used as payment for the course. All enrolled students will receive an emailed login and password to the program once payment is received.
Yes. As a proud strategic partner to the National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA), All In Compliance is offering a 5% discount to enrollees who are members of the NCRA. Just enter the discount code “NCRA” if applicable. Additionally, discounts are available to organizations purchasing 10 or more seats to the Compliance Certification Program.
Yes. Students may email us at for any questions, requests for password resets, etc.

The First CRA Training of Its Kind

Q&A with Jackie Drziak

To shed some more insights on the new Compliance Certification Program, we sat down with its creator about what was behind the decision to build the program and what it contains. Here is the interview with Jackie Drziak, EVP of All in Compliance.
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